Monday, September 5, 2011

Google Reader Assignment

I read the following blogs for my Google Reader Assignment:

• CoolCatTeacher Blog--
• Will Richardson--
• Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day--
• Free Technology for Teachers--
• A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet
• Picture Book of the Day -
• A Year of Reading -

The additional blogs I read, "Picture Book of the Day" and "A Year of Reading," were my favorites. Both blogs review children's books. The "Picture Book of the Day" is the bright spot in my day. A different beautifully made picture book with a short book talk about the book is shown every day. Sometimes there are videos or other information about the book, too. This blog is an easy way to get the scoop on the newest additions to picture book children's literature. "A Year of Reading" is a similar blog, but it is written by two teachers who love to read. One is a full-time 4th grade teacher, the age I have taught the last two years, and one is a full-time librarian. They post books that are fantastic for the classroom, that motivate students, and that are fantastic literary works. They sometimes even comment on how the books can be used in the curriculum and/or integrated into different subjects in the curriculum. Both "Picture Book of the Day" and "A Year of Reading" also have Poetry Friday in which either a poem or poetry book are featured. "Picture Book of the Day" also has STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fridays in which the picture books featured either demonstrate or can be integrated with mathematics, science, technology, or engineering! Both blogs have made me a very happy camper and have strained my budget beyond its limits.

My favorite post, however, is not from either of these blogs. My favorite post came from The post is short, simple, and to the point, but makes the reader want to read the news post from about its topic. The post is titled, "Might be the Quote of the Year," and simply states a quote, and a link to follow the story behind it. What is the quote you ask? Go to to find out. You won't be disappointed. The quote in itself made me think about my own situation last year. In order to save money, the school system for whom I worked required all teachers and staff to remove all personal electronics - refrigerators, microwaves, shredders, etc -anything that could be plugged into a wall outlet. I rather like what the school system in the quote did better. This post made me sad, made me smile, and made a statement about our economy in relation to our schools.