Saturday, May 19, 2012

When I Was Little: ABCs and 123s

When I was little, I loved Chef Boyardee's ABCs and 123s. I can remember asking my mom for some and then climbing into my high chair to wait for them. I watched my mom open the can, pour some into the bowl, and place the bowl in the microwave. I remember smiling when the microwave said "Ding!" Then, I remember my mom taking the bowl out of the microwave and dropping the bowl on the floor. The bowl shattered into a million pieces. There were shards of white all over this huge blob of orangy-red. I can remember my mom fussing at that bowl as she cleaned it up, and I can remember very calmly and rationally in my little toddler mind thinking, "Now, what did I do wrong?" I wasn't upset; I genuinely wanted to know how I caused the disaster. Maybe it was because I asked at night time, I could see how dark it was outside our sliding glass door. Maybe it was because I crawled into my highchair myself. But then my mom made another bowl full of ABCs and 123s and put it in front of me, and I do not remember anything but sheer happiness after that! :)

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