Sunday, May 13, 2012

Intro to When I Was Little Series

One of my favorite lessons as a teacher is one that I stole borrowed from Jeff Anderson's Mechanically Inclined. He suggests using Jamie Lee Curtis's Book When I Was Little to help students "get" the concept of introductory phrases. Every scenario in the book starts with "When I was little,". After this lesson, I would ask students to write as many of these statements as they could think of - and they could use that list as an idea bank for journal entries. One of my students wrote 2 1/2 months worth of journal entries from that one list.
Occasionally, I will tell my mom something I remember from when I was little, and she inevitably cracks up each time. She shakes her head and wonders aloud how my brother and I ended up with any sense as adults (which is debateable). I think it would be fun to write some "When I was little's" on this blog - so I will! Coming Soon: When I Was Little: The Series.

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