Sunday, May 27, 2012

When I Was Little: The Ugly Word and The Toddler

When I was little, my car seat was in the middle of the back seat. How do I know? I remember. I remember being able to see my dad in the driver seat and my mom in the passenger seat. I can remember one time when I was riding in my carseat quite vividly. I can even remember that we were riding down Elm Street, and my dad, who at the time was not the Christian that he is now, said an ugly word. I can remember that I knew that it was an ugly word, and I can remember smiling.

Fast forward a few days. I remember sitting in my high chair in the living room. I was watching cartoons and happily eating something while my grandmother kept me. She was in the living room with me, and she was rarely ever not busy so she was probably ironing or folding towels or something. I can remember repeating that ugly word - with a smile. I thought I was so grown up. I was the baddest toddler that ever lived! ...and then, my grandmother popped my little leg. I think that's the only time she ever popped me. I did not say that word ever again. She made me promise never to say that word again, and I didn't. I can remember even thinking that I deserved being popped because I knew what I had said was not supposed to be repeated. I never was angry or upset with my grandmother for that instance. I remember this instance just that vividly.

...And as much as I hate that word now simply because it is an ugly word, I still smile when I remember how sneaky-smart I was and how grown up I felt back then. I smile even wider when I think of how my mild-mannered grandmother popped me back into my place. Strange, isn't it?

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