Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Rare Times When the Bed is Made...

I love my room. It is an ode to copper and ivory with hints of gold and a few other colors. The wood is a warm mahogany-cherry. The bed and bedspread are its crowning touch. Unfortunately, the bed is rarely made.

Every time I make the bed, I think, this is great! The room looks so much more polished and beautiful, and the covers all seem right when I get into bed that night. I vow right then and there that I will start making the bed on a regular, daily basis.

...I'm not just real sure what happens the next day. I think I try to disturb the covers as little as possible and reason that since the covers are still nearly completly perfect that the slight opening in them will just make it that much easier for me to cozy up under the covers again the next night. I mean, why make them up all the way? I'm just going to get right back in them that night, right?

A couple of weeks later, the covers are all in a wad at my feet, with the bedspread covered loosely, but beautifully because of the awesome fabric, over the wad. I think to myself, what happened?!

I give up, make up my bed, fall in love with the made bed, and the cycle begins again. Sigh.


Friday, February 10, 2012

I Want to Be at School

I want to be at school. I want to be at school every school day, all day long. I miss school.